Working with Men… a little rant!



So, from this picture, you can probably guess the kind of men I am talking about? If you need some reminding… read on!

Now, I have worked in an office environment now for about 15 years now and it doesn’t matter where I have worked I have always come across these… what shall we call them? Perverts? Undersexed male annoyances? Either of them will do.  They tend to usually work in Sales or Recruitment and they always have a gold or silver band round their 4th finger on their left hand too… Oh yes I am talking about  ‘those types’. I don’t understand them and neither do I ever want to either!

I suppose I have just become accustomed to their ways and I am not the type to run to HR as soon as I hear a sexist comment.. I usually just laugh it off but to be honest, deep down it really does piss me off. The sort of things you can expect to hear on a daily basis in my office is ‘Look at the tits on that’  ‘great arse’ ‘ ‘She so fit’  ‘can we do it naked’ … & the list goes on and some of things I can’t even begin to type as they are far too inappropriate, but I just wonder what they think gives them the right to say stuff like this all the time? Especially when they all have wives at home, I am sure they would be mortified if they knew how their men were behaving at work. It’s like they are children that have been let out on a free reign for the day, ‘while the wife’s away… I will act like a complete inappropriate twat!’ 

I know I can’t and won’t tar all men with the same brush,  but I for one am fed up of rolling my eyes to their every comment every day, it is quite sad and pathetic that they can’t go a day without saying something sexual or offensive. But maybe I just need to get in the real world and this is the male of the species and I need to deal with/get over it.  But I love a gentleman and I know that there are some lovely gentleman out there too, but I think the ‘annoying pervs’ outweigh the gentleman, in London anyway from what I have seen! Now, don’t get me wrong, I do love men greatly, but the one’s that I have described above, have issues and I wish they would just disappear onto ‘pervert island’ with no access to women ever again…mwwwawaahahaha!!

Oh & don’t get me started on the pervs on the train and tube… Oh no, that is another subject for another day!

Rant over… as you were ;o)


8 thoughts on “Working with Men… a little rant!

  1. Well that’s a sexy post you got there… Kind of a turn on for any man, by the way totally unrelated, what are you doing on Friday?

    Ok jokes aside, but what are we supposed to do? We have to communicate somehow to show interest, right? Also guys like that are PERFECT for a 1-night-stand. Ever have an itch? That man-slut will scratch it! (wanna fuck around with him? Tell people you thought that you didn’t think they get that small xD) I’m sorry but someone has to defend the manly side on this. Personally I don’t do this. Those people are perverts. But what if I want to just tell you what I think? That dress is sexy? Well I think you should know. It’s a fucking compliment not an invitation for a private party in the broom closet. Get what I’m trying to say?

    • This comment did make me laugh.. thanks for your honesty there! & yes I do get what you are trying to say, but… you knew there would be a ‘but’ didn’t you! yes, I do take it as a compliment if a guy comments on a dress I am wearing etc.. and you saying it isn’t an invite to the broom closet, yes I know that too but… if the woman invited him into the said, broom cupboard.. I bet a lot of them would not say no! Do you see what I am saying? ;o)

      • Yea, I get in a lot of trouble writing comments like these. Usually I don’t write so offensive but you know how it is, you wake sometimes and just wanna annoy people a little. However that’s just normal. Guys are the chasers and girls are the choosers. If it was somehow otherwise guys like that wouldn’t exist. We are pre-wired to act like that. It’s the testosterone x)

      • You didn’t annoy me, it made me laugh more than anything! But yes, good points. Good job these men are around, as I would have nothing to moan/blog about! 😉

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