Don’t dumb us down!

Yes, I am talking about us ‘PA’s, admin, secretary peeps. Or maybe we are sometimes known as ‘Dogsbodies’ or ‘Minions’ i.e. non important to some. The some that obviously do not have a clue what we actually do in our job.

I had to write this post as some comments I have heard recently has made me so angry, I had to pen to paper and get it off my chest.

As most of you know, I have been a PA now for over 12 years (yep that makes me feel OLD) so, I basically know what I am talking about on this topic, I have been there done it, had awful bosses, had great bosses, had awful dull jobs, had fabulous, amazing jobs. It all varies when you are a PA, but why do some people feel the need to ‘dumb us down’ they might as well pat us on the head and saw ‘aw, never mind, you are just a little PA’ They automatically think we are thick, with no ambition and not career orientated. I got this the other day when the head of Operations at my work came up to me and basically said the following… ‘ So hadn’t you better get on with having kids soon? It isn’t as if you have a career to hold down?’  erm…….. to say I was angry and flabbergasted by this, is an understatement, I handled it by just laughing, otherwise I may have punched him. How dare he think, just because I am a ‘PA’ that I don’t care about my job and that I have no value to the work place. 

I am sure I am not the only one that has had this happen to them either. I just find it amusing through his own ignorance, he has just decided that my job any monkey could do. Not correct. Yes some of my job can get mundane, don’t get me wrong, but it isn’t that the same with anyone’s jobs not just a ‘PA’ ? Yes, i admit expenses can be boring, but it has to be done. Other parts of my job is full on, no day is the same, I can go from compiling weekly reports on Excel for the boss, to, going to look at venues for press or company events, to taking minutes for management meetings, to organising major complex travel itineraries, to diary management nightmares. I would really like to see Mr Ignorant deal with all of that at one time. 

All I know, is, I love my job and it annoys me that some people think that you have to be a bimbo and thick to do it. What I think you need to do a good PA job is;   A bucket load of common sense, a good sense of humour (vital), Be able to keep calm in a crisis and not take things personally and most importantly, intelligence, yes, you definitely have to be intelligent otherwise you will not last five minutes in a  busy, full on PA role. 

So, please don’t ever think us PA’s are worthless, I actually think we are the most valuable asset to any company and we have a very important and vital role. 

So my advice to any PA’s out there that ever get similar comments to the one above from Mr Ignorant? Ignore them and laugh as I did, as they aren’t even worth a reply, because, if they want to dumb us down, then it just goes to show that they are the thick ones, not us.



2 thoughts on “Don’t dumb us down!

  1. Very well written! I am guilty of being a PA that is embarrassed about telling people what I do for exactly the reasons you’ve mentioned. People don’t seem to realise that we choose our jobs because we are actually good at them, not just to fill the time between ‘careers’.

    • Thanks Ally and yes totally agree and it’s a shame you feel embarrassed to say you are a PA, but I understand as society makes us look like unambitious bimbos, which we are far from.

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