Feel the love people!

Just felt the need to write a bit of a random post this evening…so I apologise now for wittering on!

But.. I feel like as a nation and yes I am talking about you UK… need to be a little kinder, nicer, a bit more lovable!

Since I have worked in London for the last 8 months, I have noticed rude after rude people everywhere!! Oh and SO miserable too.. especially on the tube, oh my goodness, if looks could kill, we would have all snuffed it by now, I am sure of it. Now, don’t get me wrong, the London Underground doesn’t exactly feel me with joy either, but it is what it is, I just want people to smile a little bit more? Is that so hard do you think? I’m not talking smile like a crazy person, as that is just plain weird and people will look at you oddly, I am sure. But just stop with the dirty looks, the looks up and down like I could possibly be a bit of poo on your shoe. This is mainly women I am talking about, yes. But you men can also be bloody miserable sods too you know & as I am on the subject of men, you need to to start being a bit more gentlemanly too… The amount of old women and men, oh and heavily pregnant women I see on the tube that get totally ignored and not offered a seat. Yes, I am talking to you people, the ones that hide behind a newspaper or book and pretend you haven’t seen them. Get your lazy arses off the chair and offer your seat! It is good karma don’t you know?!

Then there are the people walking from the tubes to work… the ones that don’t hold the door open for you and the VERY miserable taxi drivers that would happily run you over as you run for your life across the road!! Why is everyone so bloody miserable? It does you no favours to be like this. If you hold a door open for someone, you usually get a smile and a thanks.. this then in turn, makes you feel good and might make you feel happy.. even if it is just for a 20 seconds.. that’s better than being a miserable sod! Like attracts like, happy attracts happy. Miserable just attracts no one.. FACT!

I also want to reach out to those happy shop assistants in London too… oh my goodness.. if you don’t like working behind that shop counter… please please please DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!! Yes, I am talking to you miserable woman in Superdrug and you miserable woman in Starbucks. They can barely even manage to look at me let alone smile.. or, even worse, they don’t even acknowledge you at all and carry on talking to their other miserable colleague, moaning about something or other. I don’t get a please, or thank you or bye! Charming isn’t it?

So people of London, please can we just cheer up a bit. I’m not asking people to skip down the road singing (although, I would love that!!) but, just be a little kinder and a bit more thoughtful and smile a bit more… I promise it helps, you and others. & yes, I know some days are just a bit crap and we can’t be happy all the time, this I know very well, some days, I just want to stay hidden under my duvet quite frankly, but I make an effort I get up and drag myself to work and put (force) a smile on my face, so it would also help greatly, if others did the same. It’s the little things remember: Hold a door for someone, don’t judge anyone on appearance, if someone smiles at you, smile back! Say thank you, say please, it really is not that difficult and it can make SUCH a difference to someone’s day I promise you! So next time you feel like scowling at someone or judging, please remember the below and repeat and repeat… & then….. smile :o)